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West Point Leadership: Profiles of Courage | Book

Nearly three years in the making, this is one of the most unique books ever published about West Point with a sole and extensive focus on its graduates. It is a 'must-have' book for cadet, graduate, or fan of West Point. 

20 esteemed authors, each with military experience. 

Over 2,000 unique photos. Most of these have never been seen by the public.

180 Inspirational Biographies of West Point graduates with unique stories and how they impacted the world.

Over 500 pages in a 10" X 10" coffee table book. 

Conceived and created by West Point graduates; designed and constructed by a professional media company.

West Point graduates have contributed to our culture in many different ways such as: 

The Founding Fathers of West Point

Heads of State 

Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

Strategic Commanders

Operational and Tactical Commanders

Medal of Honor Recipients

The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Trailblazers

The Aviators

The Astronauts

Politicians and Government Officials

The Fields of Friendly Strife: Athletes and Coaches 

The Physicians

Captains of Industry

The Scholars

The Educators




20 biographies of current CEOs and Presidents of some of America's best companies including P&G, J&J, Mercedes Benz USA, 7-Eleven, EMCOR, Medtronic, Foot Locker, NYSE, and many others.

40 biographies of Civil War leaders from both the Union and Confederate Armies - the perfect gift for any Civil War enthusiast during our Civil War Sesquicentennial Celebrations. 

Inspirational stories of African-Americans, Women, Asian-Americans, and other trailblazers who have shaped our military and our nation. 

Biographies of the graduates whose names are immortalized by current Army posts such as Forts Bragg, Polk, Sill, Wainwright, Hood, McNair, Buckner and others.

Biographies of the founders of several Universities including the US Air Force Academy, Norwich University, Howard University and others. 

Biographies of strategic military leaders who commanded the nation's armed forces in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, such as Generals Odierno, Austin, McChrystal, Petraeus, Eikenberry and many others.



Current West Point and ROTC Cadets 

West Point Graduates

West Point Parents' Club Members 

Potential Applicants to West Point

Active Duty Army Officers and Soldiers

Army Veterans 

Civil War Enthusiasts 

Leadership Students 

Military Historians

Any employee whose CEO is highlighted

Mother's Day, Father's Day, West Point Graduation, Memorial Day Gifts 

Any American


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